Reader reviews of Construction Surveying and Layout: A Step-By-Step Field Engineering Methods Manual

One of the best if not the best sources for Field Engineering and Surveying

One of the best if not the best sources for Field Engineering and layout on the market....very practical and easy to read and follow

Great Textbook!!!!

This book gave me ALL the information I needed to pass SURVEY class with an A. I'm not kidding either. Thanks again.

Very detailed text with ample of easy to understand examples

Very detailed text with ample of easy to understand examples. You won't become a land surveyor by any mean, and the book makes that clear, haha. But it is a very good textbooks covering a wide range of survey related topics: horizontal curves, vertical curves, total stations, layouts, staking, note taking, list goes on. It is not geared for the FE, but I felt better prepared for the FE after going through the class and using this text.

Great book

I am in college for construction management and I needed this book for 2 classes. It is a great book and written very well. It is easy to follow and the way the author describes the surveying methods makes it so easy even someone with no construction background or surveying experience can feel confident. I would highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to learn more about surveying.

Practical Surveying

This is a great book for civil and survey technicians. I have learned to quickly set-up and level the instruments after reading the step-by-step instructions presented in this book. I really like the way the author uses a systematic approach to explain the surveying procedures. Keep in mind that this book is heavy on field techniques and light on surveying theory!

Survey Basic Book

One of the best practical surveying books
Heavy on practical and best intro math for surveying

Construction Surveying

Great information, thought it helped me identify areas I needed improvement and refreshed areas I already knew. A must for any body in Construction Management, not just field engineers.


I have been working in the field as a chief engineer for 5 years, and have read this book from cover to cover. I would advise any new layout man/woman who plans on starting a career in the field to obtain a copy, and by all means issue these to your rodmen. You will find a drastic improvement on work skills and habbits, and less rework.

An Excellent Text for Construction Students

I have used this text to teach surveying to Construction Management students who need to only know the basics of construction surveying and layout on the jobsite. I have found this book to be easy for construction students to use and take with them to industry. I look forward to the next edition.