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First published in 1995, this 3rd edition of Construction Surveying and Layout has been brought to a new level of excellence by expanded details, new step-by-step processes, numerous how-to methods and down-to-earth tips and techniques.

Full of superbly detailed illustrations, this creative book contains enhanced chapters, new chapters, added resources, and improved layout for easier referencing, reading, and learning. See Table of Contents and Excerpts from Construction Surveying and Layout 3rd Edition

Over 50,000 copies have been sold worldwide.  Construction Surveying and Layout is written so that it is versatile and is used as a textbook in universities, community colleges, in trade schools and by union training centers.  Many construction companies use it as their training and surveying manual and distribute it to all new employees.  Construction Surveying and Layout is a well-rounded book that can be applied in many facets of the surveying and construction industry. See Reader Reviews